All of our cakes are made fresh and to order. Please note that all prices are BASE prices and will change based on complexity of design,and decorations added to your custom creations such as edible gold, edible images, fondant decorations etc.

Brittany’s Custom Creation Pricing list

PLEASE NOTE:  *Please note all prices of our cakes are BASE prices. They are subject to change with additional design and decorations added to your custom creation such as edible images, edible gold, fondant decoration etc.*

Size Fondant Serving Size
6 Inch
8-10 people
8 Inch
15-20 people
10 Inch
25-30 people
12 Inch
30-45 people

2 Tier Cakes

Size Price
4 + 6 Inch
5 + 7 Inch
6 + 8 Inch
8 +10 Inch

3 Tier Cakes

Size Price
4+6+8 Inch
6+8+10 Inch
8+10+12 Inch

Black Cake (Jamaican Rum Cake)

Black Cake (Jamaican rum cake) is a well known dessert that is often served during the Christmas season but this delicious cake can be enjoyed all year round for any events.

Size Price
6-Inch Cake
8-Inch Cake
10-Inch Cake
12-Inch Cake


Great add ons for your event. Maximum of two flavours for half dozen cupcakes. And Maximum of three flavours per dozen cupcakes. (additional charges apply if amount of
minimum flavour limit is exceeded per box. Cupcake prices are BASE. Additional charges apply to toppings such as chocolates, brownie bits, fondant decorations, edible images, etc.
Additional charges apply for alcohol infused cupcakes. Alcohol infusion prices will vary based on alcohol of choice.

Half dozen cupcakes (6) $20.00

One dozen cupcakes (12) $35.00

Gourmet Cupcakes

Maximum of 2 flavours per gourmet cupcake box.

All of our gourmet cupcakes are filled with the filling that best compliments with the flavour of cupcake. Unless otherwise specified.

$25.00 per half dozen (6 cupcakes). Maximum one flavour per half dozen gourmet box.
$40.00 per dozen cupcake (12 cupcakes). Maximum of two flavours per dozen gourmet box.

Gourmet Cupcakes
Chocolate peanut butter
Carrot Cake
Strawberry shortcake
Red velvet
Ferreo Roche
Gourmet cupcakes 1

Cheesecakes - 6"

Who doesn’t love a good cheesecake? My cheesecakes are a standard 6” round. The flavours below are what I offer.





Please note fruit toppings are an additional $5.00 charge




Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Try our juicy mouth watering chocolate covered strawberries!

Our sweet yummy strawberries dipped in any colour chocolate of your choice drizzled with chocolate. Our strawberries are $20.00 per dozen. Alcohol infused strawberries are available, prices vary depending on liquor. An additional $8.00 charge for our glitter berries.

Please Note: An additional 10.00 charge will apply to strawberries with alcohol infusions and edible gold per dozen.

Additional $8.00 charge per dozen for glitter berries.

Chocolate covered Oreos

Yummy oreos covered in sweet yummy chocolate
15.00 per dozen – inquire to ask us about additional charges (ex. Edible images, gold etc)


Cookie + Cake Slapped Together = CAKEWICH

Why pick one when you can have both!? My special twist.

Pair any cake flavour with any cookie flavour slap them together with any icing and BAM magic in ya mouth. If you want to savour my cakewiches they come in your standard size at $30.00 per dozen or mini bite sized that you can pop in your mouth at $15.00 per dozen.

Fudge Brownies

Fudge Brownies

Our double fudge brownies are $20.00 for 9 the drizzled with your choice of chocolate and sprinkles. Additional charges apply to edible images, gold etc.


Our doughnuts and doughnut bites are made from scratch and to order. Our doughnuts come with your choice of glaze or sprinkled in cinnamon sugar. 


30.00 per dozen (12 doughnuts)

Doughnut bites

15.00 per dozen (12 bites)


Super cute twist on your regular cake pop! Maximum 2 flavours per box. Additional charges for fancy designs (Edible gold, alcohol infused, fondant design, etc)

$20.00 per 1/2 dozen
$30.00 per dozen 

Cinnamon rolls

Our cinnamon rolls will melt in your mouths. Made fresh from scratch to order. They are served with a cream cheese glaze.

$30.00 6 rolls

Delivery Options

WE DELIVER! If you’d like for your custom creation To be delivered please let us know upon placing your order. All delivery charges are based on distance.